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“Energy Drinks” Potentially Harmful to Patients With Cardiovascular Disease

Consumption of energy drinks increases blood pressure and heart rate, and should therefore be avoided by people with hypertension or heart disease, according to results of a small prospective study.

These effects are probably seen because the beverages  which are  marketed to enhance cognitive function and stamina, usually contain caffeine, the amino acid taurine and  sugars.

The researchers found that “Increases in blood pressure and heart rate of the magnitude observed in our study could be significant in persons with known cardiovascular disease,”  and that “Young individuals with undiagnosed, premature cardiovascular disease could also be at risk”

This study was published in the April issue of The Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

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Does your dog eat better food than you do?

I am intrigued to hear from you about your pets eating habits. many people quite rightly adore their pets and lavish them with the best food that money can buy, making sure their pet has all of the right nutrients that it needs  – special food for oral care, old age or kidney problems but do you treat you own bodies with the same loving care and attention, fast food, high salt and fat and a lack of good quality supplements to cover any shortfalls in the diet.

It doesn’t stop at food either, toys, bedding, walks and cuddles yet as a nation we know we are spending less and less time relaxing and looking after ourselves, Something has to change!