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Helicobacter Pylori Test

Helicobacter Pylori Test

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Research shows that in the majority of cases Helicobacter pylori is the bacteria responsible for causing stomach ulcers, gastritis and virtually all abdominal ulcers, apart from drug-induced forms. It survives the acidic environment of the stomach and infection can lead to pain and inflammation, which over time can significantly increase the risk of gastric cancer.

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It is recommended that such infections be treated with a combination of proton pump inhibitors and antibiotics to eradicate these bacteria. When H. pylori is eradicated, ulcers heal and don’t reoccur.

It would be wise to consider testing all immediate family members if one member does have H.pylori as it can be found in people who do not have symptoms of stomach ulcers or gastritis. High stress, caffeine, alcohol, aspirin or NSAID intake may increase the incidence of infection.

Symptoms associated with a Helicobacter infection

  • Indigestion type pain that occurs 2-3 hours after eating or in the night and is relieved by taking antacids
  • Chronic gastritis
  • Indigestion
  • Heart burn
  • Burping
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Duodenal and gastric ulcers
  • Excess acidity or dyspepsia
  • Acid reflux
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weight loss and decreased appetite
  • Upper intestinal bloating
  • Family history of gastric cancer

Age range this test is suitable for 

Adults 18+

Specimen requirements

Stool sample

You will need to send your sample back to the lab via a next day postal service – If you are in the UK, Royal mail offer a suitable next day service. If you are outside of the UK then please check with your postal service for options. The cost of the test does not cover the return postage.
Please note that samples should only be posted on Monday – Thursday so that they do not arrive over the weekend when the lab is closed.
A courier returns option is offered by the lab and details will be included in with your test kit. This is an optional service and the cost is not included in with the test fee. Details about payment, should you wish to take up this offer, are included with the courier details.

Before taking the test

See instructions inside test kit for details

Turnaround time

10 days

Ordering Options

This test can also be added to the CDSA or CDSA2 stool tests.

All sample reports are for representational and educational purposes only. Biomarkers, references ranges, results, and all other data may differ from actual reports. All data included in no way represents an actual patient. Any comparisons of results to actual patients is completely incidental.

Smart Nutrition Helicobacter Pylori Stool Test Sample Report

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