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Genetic Health Profiles

Genetic Health Profiles

In the recent years the discover of the full genome (the genetic code of human beings), the world of health care has opened up to new levels. Not only can we look at the genetic links that may be involved in our current health conditions but we can also work towards preventing some diseases by making the relevant changes to our environment, diets and lifestyles.

There are many factors that can play a role in whether or not a disease develops, from lifestyle choices to a family history of certain illnesses. So being able to gain a detailed insight into your genetics may give you the opportunity to help actively promote a healthy life. Most genes have flexible expressions and are often influenced by improving environmental, diet and lifestyle factors.

CardioGenomicsPlus Profile

Covers the risks associated with blood pressure regulation, lipid balance, nutrient metabolism, inflammation and oxidative stress.

EstroGenomic Profile

This test can highlight the genetic risks that modulate oestrogen metabolism, coagulation, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

ImmunoGenonic Profile

Identifies the genetic risk associated with arthritis, asthma and allergies.

DetoxiGenomic Profile

Chemical sensitivities, oxidative stress and metabolism of certain medications can be evaluated with this test.

NeuroGenomic Profile

Genomic indicators of possible adverse drug reactions and decreased capability to detoxify, can help to detect any potential risk to heavy metal or high oxidative stress which may be contributing factors to learning or behavioural disorders.