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Vitamin and Mineral Screens

Vitamin and Mineral Screens

Checking that your vitamin and mineral levels are optimum is a sensible precautionary measure that can help to keep your health in check. Vitamins and Minerals have far reaching health consequences in the body and optimum levels can help to reduce risk of disease and deficiencies can highlight potential problem areas that need to be addressed.

Vitamins and minerals fall neatly into different categories and testing can involve just one of these categories or a combination of all of them.

It is possible to test for a single vitamin or mineral, If you are interested then please do enquire.  The cost will differ depending on which vitamin or mineral you want to test for as the procedures involved can vary.

Comprehensive Fat Soluble Vitamin Test

Comprehensive Mineral Test + Red Blood Cell Magnesium – A lot of research points towards a link between a lack of magnesium and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and testing the red cell levels is a more superior way of checking this in this situation.

Comprehensive Vitamin B Test

Comprehensive Vitamin Test

Ferritin Test – Ferritin is the most sensitive marker for Iron deficiency as it is the main storage form of iron in the body.

Vitamin D (OHD) Test – There is growing evidence that vitamin D is involved in an increasing number of chronic diseases including bone disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue and mental health problems.