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Comprehensive Mineral Test + Red Blood Cell Magnesium

Comprehensive Mineral Test + Red Blood Cell Magnesium

Due to our lab making some changes this test is temporarily unavailable

Testing for mineral levels

A hair mineral analysis is a good way to check overall mineral ‘store’ levels Click here to see more information about a Hair mineral analysis but in some cases it is necessary to check the serum or plasma- blood levels along with the red blood cell levels of magnesium.

A lot of research points towards a link between a lack of magnesium and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and testing the red cell levels is a more superior way of checking this in this situation.

Age range this test is suitable for

Suitable for Adults 18 +.

Not suitable for children below 2 years old. Children 2 – 18 years old if you are attending the lab in London for the blood draw a Dr’s letter of consent is required for children aged 2 – 10 years old.

Specimen requirements

This test requires blood samples to be taken, which must reach the laboratory within 24 hours of collection otherwise the sample will be unusable. You can also attend the lab in London to have your blood sample taken.

You will need to arrange for a blood sample to be collected by a nurse at your G.P. service or at a private clinic or hospital. Any fee for this service is not included in with the test fee.

If you are outside of the UK then please check with your postal service for options. The cost of the test does not cover the return postage.

Please note that samples should only be posted on Monday – Thursday so that they do not arrive over the weekend when the lab is closed.

Before taking the test

Do not take vitamin supplements 24 hours prior to taking the test unless you are monitoring therapy. Fast for 3 hours prior to test. Full instructions will be sent with the test.

Turnaround time

7 days

Serum and plasma mineral levels with red blood cell (rbc) magnesium

Serum Calcium
Plasma Magnesium
Plasma Zinc
Plasma Copper
Serum Iron
Plasma Chromium
plasma Manganese
Plasma Selenium
Red blood cell Magnesium

All sample reports are for representational and educational purposes only. Biomarkers, references ranges, results, and all other data may differ from actual reports. All data included in no way represents an actual patient. Any comparisons of results to actual patients, is completely incidental.

Smart Nutrition serum and Plasma Mineral Profile Sample Report

It is possible to test for a single vitamin or mineral, If you are interested then please do enquire.  The cost will differ depending on which vitamin or mineral you want to test for as the procedures involved can vary.