Below are some testimonials and some extracts taken from patients from Smart Nutrition 

Wow, thank you so much for sending the results so quickly! Of course I wish the results were negative after this year-long journey of treating SIBO, but at least I finally made progress on the methane 🙂
CM 21.11.17
I have seen my GP today and she is referring me to a gastroenterologist at North Bristol NHS Trust who deal with SIBO so I may be able to get help on NHS.
I would like to thank you for your help as without you I would never have diagnosed the condition and would be none the wiser!
I may contact you again in future if I have no luck with hospital!
PM 24.10.17
We both enjoyed speaking to you and we did really appreciate your time and patience during the consultation. Thank you for all the advise and support.
AC 27.7.17
I did speak to Emma and she made lots of sense, so I’m hoping the tests she has recommended will be able to help with my son’s diagnosis.
AW 25.7.17
Just to let you know im off my omeprozole completely and doing good, ive been off for over a week, enjoying the food and feeling great in myself. Thankyou for everything. (Note from Emma – we don’t encourage people to come off any medication – this is done with the agreement of the medical practitioner / GP)
SJ 19.7.17
I sought advice from you in 2015 regarding my condition IBD (Ulcerative Colitis) you advised I went gluten free and since this time my calprotectin readings have been the lowest they have ever been so thank you very much.
MW 21.4.17
Sue thank you for going above and beyond.  I will not hesitate to contact SN should I need further testing or have any referrals in the future.
SL 8.9.16.
Its so refreshing to have such good service.
I would like to take this opportunity Emma to tell you how grateful I am for your patience and kindness.
SW 17.7.16
Thanks Emma that was great. Really specific and insightful.  I’m starting today, look forward to reporting back on it.
HC 26.5.16
Huge thanks for your email and for sending me my test results from Biolab
RP 12.4.26
I’m glad you’ve emailed because I wanted to tell you how helpful and reassuring I found the consultation. Thank you.
I’d like to cancel the appointment that I booked for ******* as I don’t feel I need it.
I am doing well with the current supplements I’m taking and am happy to carry on with them for now.
Thanks so very much for all of your help this year – it has made such a difference to me! Talking to you always helped me identify the progress I had made in between our appointments.
Many thanks for your time yesterday – I found it very helpful and supportive.
It was a pleasure to meet you too, it is always nice to meet a caring and understanding health professional, there aren’t many around!
Thank you for the detailed email and attachments. I know we talked through a lot of the points yesterday, but the additional information has helped greatly with my understanding.
Thank you once again for your time and assistance, your knowledge and support has been brilliant throughout.
I just wanted to say that I am feeling significantly better and do not feel that I need another assessment at this time so I wondered if I could cancel our next appointment. It has been such a great benefit coming to see you and am very grateful for the advice and support.
“I found Emma by chance whilst googling.­ And I’m so genuinely glad that I did. I­’d suffered for a year with symptoms tha­t my NHS consultant couldn’t understand,­ he was keen to perform tests, taking months to plan appointments… However whe­n I found Emma I was able to have conven­ient appointments in the comfort of my o­wn home via Skype. With Emma’s expertise on SIBO, it was a quick diagnosis confirmed with hydrogen breath testing – something that you may find rare within the NHS. This was affordable and easily completed and I received my results within 10 days. I am currently workin­g with Emma to improve my quality of lif­e – I’m positive for the first time in m­onths. So I want to take this opportunit­y to say thank you Emma, thank you for s­haring your expertise and working hard t­o help me beat SIBO.”
I’d just like to say that I’m very, very grateful for all the help you’ve given me and that I hope you would consider helping me again at some point in the future. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.
Seeing improvements already, as ****** slept for 9 hours on Friday night for the first time in ages!
Thanks for your email. I have taken the results to my consultant today. He was amazed that SIBO could be positive in a 24year old male with no history of surgery or severe gut motility issues. Thank you so much for your help, I left some documentation for the consultant to read up on SIBO. He just laughed and shook my hand, so hopefully it changes his mindset! I will be in touch if I feel I need any further input but you’ve been fantastic so far so thanks once again.
Thank you for the documents. It was great talking to you, I got a lot from our conversation and I’m very happy I can work with you on this problem.
Dear Emma,
Many thanks for your patient care. I very much appreciate your email follow up and the efficient and practical programme and advice.
Dear Emma, Thank you so much for your detailed response to my query about testing for food intolerances, candida, leaky gut etc. You have been very kind and helpful.
SUCH a helpful conversation – thank you so much.
Thank you again, it’s been great to be able to order and test and get on with the process quickly – great service thank you!
You have been most helpful and I appreciate all your time in responding to me.
Our conversation was indeed extremely helpful, thankyou. You made me aware of some very interesting points and some critical factors which would definitely be affecting my digestion and my skin. I definitely find the link between something a bit wrong with my gut and my ongoing psoriasis issues fascinating, and am looking forward to seeing if I can “cure” both via my diet.
Thank you very much for yesterday’s consultation and  for all your help. It was a pleasure to speak to you too, as always. As I said yesterday, it helps a great deal to speak to someone with your extensive knowledge and understanding of nutrition, the tests available, and the issues I face.
Thank you SO much for your help. I really am extremely grateful to you for being generous with your time and helping me so much. Thank you!
Just to tell you I started your diet and supplements on the 14th June and am so pleased with the present results and can’t thank you enough.
JG  Italy
Thanks Emma, I found our session uplifting and reassuring.
Thanks Emma, I made the pancakes with cinnamon & blueberries and the red lentil burgers – really tasty. :)
Thank you again for your help. I have quite literally felt like a new person since following your advice!
Thank you for your email and reading / answering all my questions with
most care and attention, your email is very reassuring and helpful.
I just wanted to say thank you for the all the support given, I have not felt as good as I feel now with myself in a long time. Much appreciated.
Just wanted to let you know that I have been avoiding dairy and wheat and egg and limiting the other stuff and I feel amazing.
I’ve been back to the gym for 2 months now working really hard and not ONCE have I got sick… I cant remember the last time I actually got sick..
The last few months have gone really well and I feel i’m able to continue alone. I also had some tests done with my GP and everything seems fine.
I said I would contact you when I had my diabetes test results back in June. Today I have been for these and my reading today is 47 whereas 6 months ago it was 56. So I am now well within acceptable levels. The nurse was very pleased with the results. So.. just to say thank you very much for your input in helping me to achieve these results…I shall try and keep up the good work and if I should fall back shall no doubt be back in touch.
Hello Emma, Really enjoyed talking to you earlier – always feel you make so much sense and are very practical about things (and friendly).
Thanks so much for your help and understanding, it really was appreciated.
Thanks so much for your faith in me and your support. My interesting meeting with the consultant yesterday really highlighted how well you listen to me, the relevance of your expertise to my situation and how you address all my concerns!
Dear Emma,
This letter is just to say thank you for your help and advice in getting my tummy to work properly again. You succeded in getting me functioning normally again when I had little luck with orthodox medication and the National Heath advice. I had been having difficulties for about a year and you solved them in 3 months. I arrived on your doorstep needing my digestion sorting out  and to put on more weight.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else. You have been so kind unhurried and have taken such care to explain everything carefully and I shall be eternally grateful to you. Good luck with your business. I’ll know where to turn if I have problems in the future.


we are both thrilled with the help you gave ******* She is greatly improved and to my surprise is taking it all very seriously!  Her skin is better, no dark circles around the eyes and no sugar highs and lows. Thank you so much.


I just wanted to let you know how things have been going.

Overall, since I first contacted you my health and fitness has improved dramatically.  Apart from losing more than 2 stone of fat and regaining muscle , my digestive system is now working fine.  No more indigestion, heartburn, bloating or diarrhoea. My breathing is back to normal, Ihave no signs of candida and my fungal toe nail is clearing up nicely.  I feel that things have been steadily improving even since our lastconsultation


I think it appropriate for me to cancel my appointment on 1st November. I have improved massively over the last ten months and my diet is much improved. It appears that I can eat most foods now (in moderation) and my symptoms have come on leaps and bounds and I really can’t thank you enough.


Since reading an article in the Sunday Times a couple of months ago about fructose malabsorption I have modified my diet somewhat. Apart from one occasion I have felt much better and not suffered from the palpitations, lethargy and loose motions which used to happen a several times a week.As you can imagine, this is very good news as at 74 I now seem to have a bit more energy.


Thank you Emma, you help has been wonderful my husband and I are well on the way to changing our whole diet and we are both feeling fab. Happy Christmas and thank you.


I first spoke to Emma after being diagnosed with a chronic condition.  Prior to this I had suffered many years of ill health and was very concerned about my future health.   Emma was very understanding, sympathetic and positive at our first meeting.  She had a good understanding of my condition and suggested some changes to my diet and that I started taking certain supplements all of which I did.  Within a couple of weeks I started to see the benefits of these changes and now notice fairly quickly if I do not eat the right things or forget to take the supplements. As a result of Emma’s help I feel much more in control of my condition and am more positive about my future health.  Without Emma’s advice and support I do not think my health would have improved as much as it has.  If you have any health problems or just want some good nutritional advice I would really recommend that you speak to Emma.


I always thought I ate pretty healthily but do have a bit of a sweet tooth and would find I’d get cravings during the day particularly as I do a lot of exercise which obviously makes me hungry. Emma provided me with better knowledge about what my body needs to sustain my energy requirements and prevent me from craving the sweet things. I now add more protein and the good carbs in to my diet which helps me to be fuller and more satisfied from meals rather than feeling hungry an hour later. She has also helped to recognise when my digestive systen is unhappy with what I am eating and how I can combat this. It was an effort initially changing my food shopping habits and having to think a bit more about when and what I am eating but has now become more of a way of life and I feel much better for it. Thanks Emma!


Having developed hereditary high blood pressure I came to see Emma who provided very interesting information concerning my, as I thought, healthy diet. With her suggested changes to my diet and with the addition of some supplements in capsule form my blood pressure has gradually reduced.


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