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***How Long Will My Results Take***

***How Long Will My Results Take***

The turnaround time for your results is stated clearly below and on the page that contains all of the information about the test you have chosen. Please mark the date in your diary.

Please do not contact the lab about your results as they are unable to send them to you. They have to be sent back by Smart Nutriton. This is actually a legal requirement. 

The turnaround times below reflect a little extra admin time from when the lab send the results to us and when we can send them to you. We often send them on the same day but occasionally it takes a day or 2 longer and this is reflected in the timings below.

We cannot speed up the process unfortunately as labs set specific times for different tests dependant on the process. Should you need the results for an appointment you need to make sure the turnaround time is long enough for you to get your results.

On occasion labs don’t manage to stick to their TAT’s and if you don’t receive your results by the late afternoon of the day quoted below please get in touch with us – not the lab as they are unable to send out results and we will happily look into it for you.

please email sue@smartnutrition.co.uk let her know;
1. The name of the person the test was for.
2. The name of the person who ordered the test.
3. When you sent the sample back

Thank you in advance for your patience when waiting for your results.


Test NameTurn Around Time (working Days)
1 Day Oestrogen and Progesterone14
Adrenal Stress Test16
Adrenal Thyroid Test18
Amino Acid Test15
Anaemia Test10
ATP Energy Test14
Calprotectin Test12
Candida Test12
CardioGenomics Test26
Cellular Energy Test 24
Coeliac Disease Test16
Complete Female Hormone Panel – Rhythm14
Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Test16
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Health Test16
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis18
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 218
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2 and Parasitology18
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis and Parasitology18
Comprehensive Female Hormone Panel – Rhythm Plus14
DetoxiGenomic Profile26
EstroGenomic Profile26
Fat Soluble Vitamin Test18
Fatty Acid Test18
Ferritin Test9
GI Effects Stool Test21
GI Effects Microbiology21
Hair Mineral Analysis21-28
Helicobacter Pylori – Skin Prick10
Helicobacter Pylori – Stool10
Homocysteine Test 12
IgE Food Allergy Test 9
IgE Food Intolerance Indicator12
ImmunoGenomic Profile26
Inhalant Allergy Test10
Leaky Gut Test10-15
Male Hormonal Health – Complete 25
Melatonin Test14
Menopause Plus Test24
Menopause Test24
Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance Test10
Microbial Organic Acids Test20
NeuroGenomic Profile26
NutrEval Plus Test24
NutrEval Test24
Oestrogen Metabolism Plus Test24
Oestrogen Metabolism Test24
ONE Test24
Organic Acids Test18
Osteoporosis Profile18
Oxidative Stress Blood Test16
Oxidative Stress Urine Test16
Pathogen Plus Test21
Pyroluria, Vitamin B6 and Zinc14
Reverse T3 Test12
SIBO Test 10-14
SIgA Test14
Specialised Cardiovascular Health Test16
Stool test for good and bad bacteria, yeasts such as candida and parasites – CP218
Testosterone Test14
The 120 Food Intolerance Test 12
The 200+ Food Intolerance Test 12
The 40 Food Intolerance Test 12
The 60 Food Intolerance Test 12
The Herb and Spice Food Intolerance Test 12
The IgE Food Allergy Test9
The Vegan Food Intolerance Test 12
The Vegetarian Food Intolerance Test 12
Thyroid Plus12
TMAU6-8 wks
Toxic Heavy Metals18
Urinary Polypeptides21
Urine Thyroid Screen9
Vitamin D Test 10-15
Worms Microscopy Test18