Functional Medicine Health Tests
Wouldn’t it be good to know exactly what shape you’re in?


Functional Medicine Health Tests.
Wouldn’t it be good to know exactly what shape you’re in?
See how easily you can discover the most suitable medical test for you.

Medical Tests and Health Conditions

Smart Nutrition is proud to partner with top UK medical testing labs to bring you cutting-edge functional health testing.

We offer a wide selection of tests designed to give you insight into your personal health profile.

We aim to offer you peace of mind – with reassuring results or with information that empowers you on your journey back to health. Smart Nutrition’s tests enable you to target any health concern, either with us or another healthcare provider.

Each Health Test Package combines carefully selected medical, nutritional and functional tests designed to:

• Identify nutrient deficiencies •
• Screen for specific health conditions •
• Measure biochemical factors that assess health risks •

Our Packages are available on many private medical insurance policies including BUPA, HAS and PPP. Please check with your policy provider.


Begin by selecting your desired test from the menu above or by using the search box.

After you’ve received your test kit, collect your samples and return them to the lab.

We’ll promptly deliver your results to you once they’re processed.

Our team provides commentary on all lab findings, assisting you in understanding their implications.


Are you curious about the difference between a GI MAP and a Genova GI Effects or a GI 360? Perhaps you’re interested in understanding which test delves into your gut microbiome, or you’re seeking specific insights like Lactobacillus Acidophilus, candida yeast, or molds. Discover the answers you seek in our newly crafted comprehensive digestive test comparison table.


Functional medicine takes a comprehensive approach to understanding the origins of illness and aims to restore health by addressing individualised root causes, which may vary even among those with similar diagnoses.

Smart Nutrition uses functional medicine’s cutting-edge scientific testing to provide clients with an in-depth understanding of their personal health picture.


As the leading UK SIBO test provider, we’ve conducted thousands of tests over 15 years. With results in just 3 days, our test uses more breath samples, than most ensures accuracy. Plus, our expert team provides detailed comments with your results for comprehensive insights.


Our Genetic Methylation Test is one of our best sellers. Find out if you can methylate efficiently. The test covers everything that the popular you tube star Gary Brecka’s 10X DNA test checks for but our test goes a few step further and checks for an extra 22 extra genes.


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We are both thrilled with the help you gave ******* She is greatly improved and to my surprise is taking it all very seriously! Her skin is better, no dark circles around the eyes and no sugar highs and lows. Thank you so much.
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Hello Emma, Really enjoyed talking to you earlier – always feel you make so much sense and are very practical about things (and friendly).
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The last few months have gone really well and I feel i’m able to continue alone. I also had some tests done with my GP and everything seems fine.
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I just wanted to say thank you for the all the support given, I have not felt as good as I feel now with myself in a long time. Much appreciated.
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Thank you for your email and reading / answering all my questions with most care and attention, your email is very reassuring and helpful.
HE 16.5.23
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Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help through a very difficult time. I'm back eating everything now (have been for a while) which is amazing! And have weaned myself of needing any supplements. I really appreciate your had work and guidance technically but also helping me tune into my body and what it needs.
MP May 23
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Thank you very much for writing to me. Lovely that you chose to. At Smart Nutrition you've all been very impressive. I've enjoyed doing the tests - feel I'm making progress.
SE 5.6.23
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Many thanks for your email which superbly helps me towards understanding some of the results.
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Great, many thanks for an amazing service!.
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Thanks to your expertise and diligence in checking everything when the provisional diagnosis of SIBO didn't quite ring true with you, I was officially diagnosed with Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) (after a second sample was taken for confirmation at the GP). I'm really grateful for you finding it as I don't know where I'd be otherwise!
JC 19.3.24
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I just wanted to say thank you very much for the service you provide. It was such a relief to finally have an answer after years of digestive troubles. I have managed to get a prescription for Rifaximin from my GP (albeit only for twice a day dosing, not three times a day) and I’m combining it with garlic and ginger.
TW 19.4.24
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Thank you for the prompt service and replies ! Happy I chose to go with you.


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Please do not return samples to the laboratories that may arrive after Wednesday 27th March and up to and including Monday 2nd April.

The laboratories are closed from the 28th March – 2nd April for the Easter Holiday.