Macroscopic Examination for Worms

Macroscopic Examination for Worms

This macroscopic examination for worms is carried out visually and confirms the identity and presence of worms – cestodes, nematodes, trematodes – that may be shed in the stool.

Please note that this test is not recommended for the detection of enterobius vermicularis (pinworm).






The presence of worms may be implicated in the following:

Gastrointestinal symptoms
Autoimmune disease
Food sensitivities
Nutritional deficiencies

This is an analysis for worms.

Stool sample.

3 years and above.

Return via courier using the included prepaid label and shipping instructions.

12 days.

Your test results will be emailed to you.

Macroscopic Examination for Worms


Please do not return samples to the laboratories that may arrive after Wednesday 27th March and up to and including Monday 2nd April.

The laboratories are closed from the 28th March – 2nd April for the Easter Holiday.