Calprotectin is a simple, reliable, non-invasive test that can be used as often as needed for the following reasons:

  • As the noninvasive test of choice for making a distinction between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
  • To determine disease activity and risk of relapse in IBD while assessing the level of mucosal healing.
  • Nutritional therapists may use it to assist in the selection of patients with abdominal symptoms who may require further diagnostic procedures.
  • To predict relapse in patients with the IDB, allowing an objective marker to help a medical practitioner decide when to treat.



Calprotectin is a reliable marker for the presence of infectious, inflammatory or malignant disease.

Levels of calprotectin in the stool.

18 years and above.

Stool sample.

It is not recommended that you change any prescribed or regular medications or supplements without seeking advice from a suitably qualified medical professional.

Some medications and supplements are known to have an impact on the test results.

If agreed with your doctor or healthcare professional, please follow the guidelines below.

7 days prior to collecting sample:

  • Consider discontinuing the use of anti-inflammatories.
  • Consider discontinuing the use of steroids.


2 days prior to collection:

  • Avoid use of non-steroidal anti- inflammatories and aspirin (for 2 days).


24 hours prior to collecting sample:

  • Consider discontinuing the use of Vitamin C >250mg/d.
  • Consider discontinuing the use of NSAIDS.
  • Consider discontinuing the use of IBS medication.



  • If using steroid cream: shower before and ensure it is all washed off.
  • Longterm antibiotics can be continued.
  • Longterm probiotics can be continued.

Your sample needs to arrive at the laboratory between Monday to Friday, and should be shipped within 24 hours of collection, so please plan to take your sample accordingly.

You must return your sample in the box that your test kit was sent in. This is a legal requirement and your sample may be rejected if this step is not followed.


Take the unpaid addressed mailing bag to the post office and send “Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm” on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday only.

EU and outside of the EU:

We can arrange a courier collection, or you can arrange your own if preferred please contact us  – [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

16 working days.

Your results will be emailed to you.



Please do not return samples to the laboratories that may arrive after Wednesday 27th March and up to and including Monday 2nd April.

The laboratories are closed from the 28th March – 2nd April for the Easter Holiday.