Doctor in the House – Homocysteine and risk of heart disease

I was lucky enough to meet Dr Chatterjee star of Doctor in the House at the recent Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Module I attended in April earlier this year. he was a lovely guy and its great to see a Doctor working so intensively with his patients combining his medical knowledge with life stlye and nutritional advice.

In the episode on Tuesday the 23rd May he addressed a lady with chronic anxiety and a guy with some longterm sleep issues and after testing it turned out he had extremely high levels of homocysteine which is a known marker for assessing risk of cardiovascular disease. A Homocysteine test is simple to do and I have used it for years. You can find a link to our Homocysteine tests here 

If you have any questions about the test or other risk factors for heart disease or if you would like to book a nutritional therapy consultation so that we can work closely with you to make essential life style and dietary changes to move you towards optimum health then please get in touch.Our phone no is 01273 775480 or you can email me on [email protected]


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