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A fantastic break at Viva Mayr, a world leading medical health spa in Austria

I have just been lucky enough to spend a week at ‘Viva Mayr’ in Austria. I was working but I did get to sample their amazing Health Spa. The meals we were served were delicious, incredibly healthy and looked just gorgeous.


Viva Mayr treats many people with complex health conditions and also helps  people with weight loss. Over the next few weeks I’m going to share some of these amazing health tips with you.

The first tip is so simple. Take time for your meals and chew chew chew. Chewing properly sets off the whole digestive process, it stimulates your taste buds, the food tastes better and you become more satisfied with less and stomach acid production is stimulated, this is necessary to begin the breakdown of protein. Chewing also increases the surface area of the food we eat meaning the digestive enzymes further down don’t have to work so hard.

So slow down enjoy your meals and chew thoroughly to help improve your digestive health

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