Fishy body odour on Embarrassing bodies tonight.

Tonights programme looked at the embarrassing problem of a fish body odour. There can be a couple of possible reasons for this that should be investigated.

If it sounds like you it is possible to get a Vaginosis test  – details about the test can be found here.

If the problem isn’t just in the groin area and hasn’t been caused by bacterial vaginosis (BV) you may well feel puzzled about the cause. Many Doctors haven’t heard about TMAU but those that suffer know that it certainly isn’t in their heads. The condition Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) was first detected in 1970 by a group of doctors in Colorado who tested a child who was said at times to have a ‘fishy odor’.

The symptoms

In small quantities a build up of TMA can cause halitosis (bad breath) a fishy or garbage like odour but a greater build up of TMA can cause a smell of rotting fish as well as being sulphurous.

Symptoms can be present from birth, but most people seem to develop symptoms around puberty and through the teens however it TMAU can develop much later in life.

In women symptoms can be more severe just before and during menstruation, after taking oral contraceptives and around the time of menopause

Testing for TMAU

A simple urine test can detect if TMAU is the case of your body odour and if it is there are 2 known types – one is genetic and needs to be managed by diet alone, the other is due to bacteria in the gut and can usually be successfully treated with antibiotics and diet.

For more information about the test please use this link or If you ave any questions then please do get in touch. You can call us on 01273775480 or email [email protected]



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  1. I keep getting this fishy smell since I came off the pill and it leaks through my clothes and its a really strong smell I have been tested for bv 4 times and all came back negative plus I don’t have any sti or anything, I have been clinic on different occasions and they told me they cant help me they have no idea what it is

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