Stuck for breakfast Ideas?

We all know that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but in my experience many of you say you just are too rushed in the morning either getting ready for work or organising kids and surviving the morning mayhem.

So I’ve come up with some easy Breakfast tips to get you inspired about your first meal of the day.….

  • Add variety. So many people eat the same thing day in day out, try out some of the options below as these will help to keep you interested and will also provide a rounded source of different nutrients.
  • Step out of breakfast boredom – who said breakfast had to be cereal and toast?  poached fish on toast is a great way to start the day, add  grilled tomatoes and some griddled artichokes too. Delicious and also very good for mood and memory and liver
  • Make sure your Breakfast contains some protein – lots of people opt for toast and jam which is a carb rich start to the day. Try having nut butters instead – good choices are almond nut butter, hazelnut butter and cashew nut butter or try a seed paste such as tahini which is packed full of protein and calcium.
  • Poached egg on toast take minutes to make and you can put the saucepan on to simmer whilst you jump in the shower, out of the sower and in the eggs go, you get dressed and come down to your Breakfast.
  • Short of time then grab a smoothie, use a protein powder and mix with your liquid of choice choosing from cow’s, soy  or rice milk or even fruit juice. Shake this as you are walking out of the door and drink it on your commute.
  • Soak sugar free muesli the night before for a more digestible meal and add a handful of mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and linseed plus grab some berries for speed or a grated pear if you have more time. Steer clear of the varieties that contain heaps of dried fruit as these are still sugary and won’t help your energy levels later in the day.  If Working on being a domestic goddess then try making your own…see the delicious.recipe below..

Three seed Muesli

450g porridge oats

450g quinoa flakes

250g sunflower seeds

50g sesame seeds

50g coconut flakes

450g oat bran

200g pumpkin seeds

200g hazelnuts

250g chopped dates

Place all ingredients together in large bowl and mix well.  Store in airtight container. Soak overnight to make the quinoa flakes more digestible or if you never have time to soak opt for 900g of oats and omit the quinoa flakes.

This is a great muesli that easily doubles up as a mix for porridge – just heat it up with a milk of your choice.


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