Vaginal Microbiome

Vaginal Microbiome

Recurrent thrush and vaginitis are two of the most common reasons that women seek medical attention.

The Vaginal EcologiX Test gives insight into levels of beneficial and harmful bacteria, yeasts and pH levels and includes inflammatory markers.

Although vaginitis may be caused by a foreign organism such as gonorrhea, far more cases stem from alterations in the vaginal environment which in turn can trigger inflammation and discomfort. Thrush is caused by the yeast candida.

Disruption of vaginal microbiota (dysbiosis) has been linked to a many disorders including: bacterial vaginosis (BV), premature delivery in pregnant women, infertility, miscarriage and increased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

This test is useful for women who have or are at risk of pregnancy and fertility issues, bacterial vaginosis, candida, pelvic inflammatory disorder and other vaginal problems.

Identifying the factors below is essential in preventing recurrence of infection. Just as important is the identification of the causative organisms so that the most effective treatment can be used.

  • Acid/base balance (pH)
  • Level of protective lactobacilli
  • Glycogen and glucose
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Sex hormones
  • Sexual contact
  • Immune health
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Natural flushing action of vaginal secretions
  • Healthy vaginal microbiota (homeostasis)
  • Bacteria associated with vaginal dysbiosis
  • Yeasts/ candida
  • PH
  • Inflammatory marker IL-1β


The full list of what is being tested:

  • Lactobacillus crispatus
  • Lactobacillus iners
  • Lactobacillus jensenii
  • Lactobacillus gasseri
  • Atopobium vaginae
  • BVAB2
  • Gardnerella vaginalis
  • Megasphaera 1
  • Mobiluncus mulieris
  • Mobiluncus curtisii
  • Prevotella bivia
  • Streptococcus agalactiae
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Escherichia coli
  • Enterococcus faecalis
  • Candida albicans
  • Candida parapsilosis
  • Candida krusei
  • Candida glabrata
  • Ureaplasma urealyticum
  • Mycoplasma genitalium
  • Mycoplasma hominis
  • Trichomonas vaginalis

1 vaginal swab. This is easy to do at home – no nurse or doctor visit required.

The Vaginal EcologiXTM is a self swab, so we ask that anyone who uses it is above the age of consent (16+) in the UK. If it is used in someone under this age, it must be in conjunction with suitable safeguarding and a general practitioner.

Vaginal EcologiX is not suitable for self-testing in pregnancy. Samples can only be collected by your qualified healthcare professional if deemed safe to do so during pregnancy.

It is not recommended that you change any prescribed or regular medications or supplements without seeking advice from a suitably qualified medical professional. Some medications or supplements are known to have an impact on the test results. If agreed with your healthcare professional, please follow the guidelines below.

14 days prior to collecting sample:

• Complete any short-term prescriptions of antimicrobial therapy such as antibiotics or antifungals.

Long term antibiotics and probiotics can be continued but usage should be disclosed to your practitioner so they are able to interpret the results with that in mind.

7 days prior to collecting sample:

• Discontinue (where possible) the use of probiotics.
• Complete courses of botanical antimicrobials, antifungals & douches.

24 hours prior to collecting sample:

• Abstain from sexual intercourse.

Day of collection:

  • Do not apply vaginal lotions, creams or emollients before taking the test.
  • Do not wash your genital area prior to collection.
  • Do not collect samples when menstruating.

Suitable for age 16 and above.

If under 16, the test must be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

Your sample needs to arrive at the laboratory between Monday to Friday, and should be shipped within 24 hours of collection, so please plan to take your sample accordingly.

You must return your sample in the box that your test kit was sent in. This is a legal requirement and your sample may be rejected if this step is not followed.


Take the unpaid addressed mailing bag to the post office and send “Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm” on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday only.

EU and outside of the EU:

We can arrange a courier collection, or you can arrange your own if preferred please contact us  – [email protected] to discuss your requirements.


15 working days.

You will receive your results via email.

Vaginal Microbiome


Please do not return samples to the laboratories that may arrive after Wednesday 27th March and up to and including Monday 2nd April.

The laboratories are closed from the 28th March – 2nd April for the Easter Holiday.